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Give children a childhood in freedom – and a future to boot! We are currently building the donation platform for this, so that you can soon donate here for the affected children.


Book …

Order the book for yourself, your children or as a gift – and support the fight against child slavery. Until the publication date, you can send us an e-mail here with the desired number of books. We will then send you copies signed by the author as soon as possible after completion. (Expected publication date in the summer of 2021)

»The story of Baku takes children and adults to another country and shows them that it is worth fighting for your dreams. I think it’s important that our children also learn that other children don’t have it as good as they do. I believe that this story can broaden the awareness of children & young people and maybe they will learn to appreciate more what they have.«

Susanne Wack-Lexa, teacher


For children …

Listen to the songs & look at the pictures. Paint your own picture and send it to us by mail! With a little luck you can see your picture on this website soon. (Please write your first name and age on the bottom right of the picture!)



For teachers …

Read the book with your class. The touching story and the identical age of the protagonist with the reading children create an emotional bridge to this »hard« topic and can thus be very helpful as a door opener for an exciting discourse.

»With her sensitive writing style, the author manages to draw attention to the problem of child labor in a way that is appropriate for children, while maintaining a balance between drama and hilarity.«

Sabine und Rainer Wierck, Teachers SEK I

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